Michael "Lyze" Weinberger

Full Stack Software Developer
Aspiring Artist

This website is currently work in progress, expect unfinished pages and bugs.

  • Full Stack Devleoper (asp.net, asp.net core, unity 3d, C#)

    2018 - now
  • Pg/Sql Backend Developer

    2017 - 2018
  • Apprentice as Software Developer (Pg/sql, C#)

    2014 - 2017
  • Operating systems

    I normally work with the following OSs when programming something:

    Windows 10

    Currently Windows 10 is my main OS and I have it installed on all of my computers.


    Sometimes I dual boot ubuntu and use it as main OS, however currently I only use it on all of my servers.


    All of my phones run Android.


    Since I'm deploying iOS apps as well, I need to know my way around apples phone OS as well.
  • Tools

    Those are my daily tools:

    Jetbrains IDEs

    In my opinion, jetbrains is my favourite company which creates the most wonderful developer tools!

    .net core

    My primary software language is C# and I'm working with it mainly since 2010.

    Unity 3D (VR/AR)

    Since I need to create augumented reality applications at work, I've chosen to learn and use unity 3d and therefore use it nearly daily as well.


    A text editor with really weird but awesome keyboard shortcuts. I started to use it and can't get enough anymore. Wish every software would have a vim mode.


    One of the most important tools for windows users, wsl makes it easy to run linux tools on windows, without dual boot or vms.